We ensure sustainability

Our company acknowledges the complexity and importance of sustainability. Therefore, we incorporate sustainability into our company’s strategy and organizational structure and we include in our company’s commitment quantitative objectives for sustainability and the specific measures to implement them.


From a strategic point of view our sustainability management sets the following objectives

  • To minimize economic, environmental and personal risks by acting wisely.
  • To build a relationship of trust with our customers.
  • To create new approaches for screen printing.


Our company’s strategy for sustainability

Sustainability means that we consider the three dimensions of economy and social issues in all our corporate decisions. Our focus lies on the development of products which contribute to the sustainable development of industrial processes. More specifically, we strive to constantly increase our contribution to eco-friendly products. We, also, take ecological and social criteria into consideration in the choice of our suppliers.



We create our new products inspired by innovative ideas and we provide flexible solutions to individual requirements, achieving this way to support our customers so as they ensure their success and develop their business.